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Building a Better Future:
Community-Centered Solutions

On October 5th, we have an incredible opportunity - the chance to shape the future of the Memphis we love. After decades of the same failed, status quo policies, we have the power to elect a mayor and city council who will listen to the calls from the community and take us in a new direction.

We need our next Mayor and City Council to focus on the following issues and innovative, community-centered solutions:

  • Reimagine Justice & Safety: Memphis has the power to redefine what justice and safety truly mean. Achieving true public safety requires challenging systemic racism and other biases, rethinking the role of police, and promoting holistic community-centered solutions. By investing in community supports and services, establishing alternatives to incarceration, fostering police accountability, and supporting initiatives that prioritize the well-being of all residents, we can create a city where safety, fairness, and compassion thrive hand in hand. Together, we will reshape the narrative of justice  & safety and build a more equitable Memphis.

  • Improve Public Transportation: Our city is rich with vibrant neighborhoods and diverse communities, each deserving of seamless connections--yet MATA has been chronically underfunded. By expanding accessible and reliable public transportation options, we bridge divides, reduce congestion, and propel Memphis forward towards a future of sustainability and inclusivity. Let's create a city where a fully funded and functional MATA brings us closer, leaving no one behind.

  • Increase Affordable Housing: Everyone deserves to have a safe, stable place to call home, yet like much of the country, Memphis is facing an affordable housing crisis that leaves many residents with limited options. By advocating for policies that increase affordable housing stock, protect tenants' rights, and address homelessness, we foster communities built on stability, opportunity, and dignity. Together, we will build a Memphis where housing is a fundamental right for all.

  • Invest in Our Children: Our children are our future, and they all deserve quality education and opportunities for work and play. But currently, the City of Memphis invests $0.00 in K-12 Public Education. A strong public education system, job opportunities, and safe recreational spaces are vital for empowering our young people and building our future. Let us forge a Memphis where education unlocks the door to boundless opportunities for all. Our next mayor should support increased K-12 funding, job opportunities, and recreational spaces for youth in all neighborhoods. 


Today, we invite you to join us in the Fight For Memphis. You all have something to contribute--whether it's sharing our website on your social media accounts, inviting a friend to volunteer, spending a morning canvassing, or simply getting out to the polls to vote for our future.

The time for transformation is now. Together, let's reimagine our city, rewrite its story, and build a better future for Memphis. Fight for Memphis this October - because our liberation is within our reach.

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