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Bonner and Young are Wrong for Memphis

Know the facts about Sheriff Bonner's track record and Paul Young's history of voting for Republicans so you can make an informed decision on your vote for our next mayor. We have a crucial choice in front of us: we cannot let Bonner or Young neglect and mismanage Memphis over the next four years.

Know The Facts


Jail Deaths Up

In the past three years, during which Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner has held office, the number of deaths and the mortality rate — deaths compared to the average daily population — have gone up sharply at 201 Poplar, mirroring a stark increase in jail deaths across the country.


Neglect Under Bonner

In 2019, CNN investigated how “[Wellpath]’s substandard care has led to deaths and other serious outcomes that could have been avoided.” Memphis was one of the 120 locations in 32 states from which CNN investigated complaints and problems.


Inhumane Treatment

Staffing shortages have also meant detainees are kept in their cells “for days if not weeks at a time,” meaning limited or no outdoor exercise, wrote an independent consultant in a 2021 court-ordered report. The sheriff’s office told The CA it disputes that report.

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